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Our rescue group was started in the summer of 2003 by a core group of eight experienced rescuers and breeders who also rescue, from the United States and Canada. Our shared desire to help more homeless Keeshonden brought us together.

We then invited several more well-known and respected Keeshond rescue members to join our organization. Our goal is to design and implement a National Rescue Coordination network for North American Keeshond Rescue. Our organization communicates and cooperates with existing rescue groups in Canada and the U.S., for all aspects of Keeshond rescue and welfare.

Our group does not accept donations or participate in fundraising activities. Since we are helping to coordinate rescue efforts, our specific tasks are communication based - putting the public in touch with the people who can assist them.

Our current and future objectives are:

  • To save and re-home more Keeshonden in need.
  • Enhance communication and cooperation between existing Keeshond rescue groups in the United States and Canada.
  • Recruit rescue volunteers who will abide by our Code of Ethics and be mentored by established rescue members. Rescue should be conducted in a safe, ethical and responsible manner for the welfare of the dogs, the public and the rescue members.

    To apply for membership, please read the information here.

  • Establish a web presence.

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