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Tasha at Christmas 2002
Tasha napping on the sofa 2003
Tasha in Snow 2000

Tasha lived her first 10 years outside as a back-yard-breeder dog. Her owners never brought her into the house, they used her to produce puppies that they could sell for profit. When they got divorced, they left Tasha at a local shelter. She was 10+ years old, very ill, in-heat, with bald spots all through her coat and tail, leg sores and a severe flea infestation. They were just cruel and did not care what happened to her. The shelter told us it was one of the worse cases of neglect that they had seen. When we saw her we knew she would be coming home with us. Tasha became part of our family on Dec. 28, 1999.

Tasha had to be spayed as soon as possible, because she was ill with Open Pyometra. She had a high temp and had stopped eating. This illness can be life threatening, so we had her pre-op work done and into surgery. She recovered very well from her surgery and started to feel better within days. Her appetite came back and we began to see her true personality ... sweet, smart and a chow-hound! Tasha blossomed into a lovely girl. Her coat grew back in and she was adorable.

We will never understand how anyone can treat an animal so poorly. Tasha is and always was a wonderful girl, except her former owners (they were not her family) only cared about their own greed and used her with no regard for her life. Tasha is now 14 and is living her life in comfort and ease, doing what she loves the most: enjoying a good meal, napping on our king bed, taking an evening stroll and being with her real family who will love and care for her all the days of her life.

Tasha lives in southern New Hampshire with her Mom & Dad, two rescued Keeshond boys, Kyser and Smokey , Jazzy, an older rescued Samoyed, Player, a Belgian Sheepdog, Sugar, a young Whippet mix, and multiple rescued indoor cats.

On November 18, 2004, Tasha slipped quietly to the Rainbow Bridge. She was 15 and this last year was a slow decline in her health. Our vet came to our house this morning and as we sat in her favorite doggy bed, I held Tasha in my arms and with her Dad beside her, we kissed her good-bye. She peacefully left this earth, knowing she was safe and loved and cared for always.

Tasha was and will always be a priceless gem. She was sweet and kind and just adorable. We will always love and miss our little princess. But Tasha is now an angel and with the rest of our family over the Rainbow Bridge.

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