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Susie posing for the camera
Susie Up Close

Not much was known about this 9-month-old girl who was picked up as a stray in Maryland at the end of March 2004. Possibly because of her being a high energy 9-month-old her owner could not handle her and decided not to claim her. Susie was housetrained and knew some basic commands like sit and down (but could only hold the position for a few seconds without bouncing!). Her training continued in foster care and the search began for her new family that would love her and could continue to work with her training.

Susie's new family had recently lost their 15 year old Keeshond. They worked from home and this was an ideal family where Susie would receive the attention and love she deserved. In April 2004, Susie went to live with her new family.

Susie's new family enrolled her in obedience class (this was a requirement of the adoption contract) which started the beginning of June 2004. First reports were Susie was "so much fun and very smart" and "she was wonderful". In a class of six dogs, the instructors loved her and liked using her to demonstrate because she was so focused and eager to please. Susie also fetches the newspaper for a treat and can jump through a hula-hoop.

Susie completed the basic obedience class and got her diploma! She learned many behaviors such as: sit, come, stay, down, shake hands, sit pretty (sits up and beg), treat and JUMP. She would jump through the hula hoop at the command Jump! Needless to say Susie was signed up for an agility class which started in August.

In her first class Susie jumped on the dog-walk before getting started and loved jumping through the tire. She really understands what she's suppose to do and can do several obstacles in sequence such as: multiple jumps, tunnels and tire. She also loves the teeter-totter, dog-walk and chute.

So, stay tuned! We'll be seeing Susie in agility competition soon!

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