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Noelani was running out of time. She had been living at the shelter for three days, and they could not keep her any longer.

But then her luck changed...

One of our KRNA members received an urgent call from the shelter just before her time was up, and through the efforts of several kind people, Noelani is at her forever home. Here is the rest of the store from her new family.

"We had a great trip to the shelter, and absolutely fell in love! What a little doll! She and Farley hit it off right away, he usually reacts somewhat aggressively at first with other dogs, but not with her at all???? The folks at the shelter were wonderful. Her shelter mom bathed her and clipped her nails a bit, and many volunteers had a go at brushing her."

"Her coat still needs quite a bit of work, but I was able to spend time last night on it and it's feeling much better. She's very thin, so we're going to work at beefing her up a bit. You can tell she was very loved at some point, and the neglect has only been likely since the spring. Her teeth aren't as bad as I had thought, but they do need some nice bones and brushing to clean them up. It's mostly just a couple of the back ones that are quite scaly. I think she's more around 3, she's still very active and agile. She loves jumping up on our bed, which sits very high, and she doesn't have any room to take a run at it, so she's jumping nearly vertical over three feet! Her shelter mom was very misty eyed as we left with Noey, and all the kids that volunteer there were waving good-bye. She had made many friends there in a very short time."

"Noelani is starting to settle in nicely. She was getting playful last night and racing around a bit. Apparently she spent the day on our bed yesterday - the little rascal! I got an absolutely incredible greeting from her when I got home. She's such a doll - we're absolutely gaga about her! Thanks again for your help finding her!"

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