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Myles and his best friend!
In Loving Memory of Myles McCrory
January 1, 1997 – August 29, 2007

In his first four years of life, Myles had four different homes, ended up in a kill shelter and then rescue. The fourth family to have Myles kept him just 10 months before calling rescue saying they "just couldn't take it anymore". His foster mom told them to bring Myles back to her and a few days later she called me saying "Sheri, there isn't a thing wrong with this dog. He only wants to be near you, to love and be loved. What he needs is a home like yours and if you will open yours to him, he will be my gift to you for wanting him." A gift indeed - my precious heart, my furry soul mate. Myles and I met for the first time on April 29, 2001 and the moment I saw him, my heart skipped a beat and tears began streaming down my face. As I bent down to kiss him, I whispered, "I promise to love you with my whole heart, forever, for keeps." Myles tested that promise many times before he seemed satisfied that however feeble his human servant might be, I truly did love him, forever for keeps no matter what. To say Myles had attitude would be an understatement but it was attitude wrapped in playfulness and love. He was a regular Houdini if a door was cracked open even a couple of inches and once outside, the game was, "If you REALLY love me, come chase me. My name is Myles and I can run for many of them." Myles insisted we play that game often in the first few weeks together until one day, he seemed satisfied that no matter how far he ran, his feeble human would always come after him.

Myles hated whenever I left him. The performance was truly Oscar worthy and so convincing that I often wondered if he really would be OK while I was away. Each work day began with the morning ritual of hide & seek as I pretended not to be able to find him and then expressed great surprise when, once again, he was laying at the bottom of the basement stairs. At this point, I was expected to say "So THERE you are!!" so he could cover his face with his paw waiting for me to ask, "Oh no! Now where's my Mylie Boo?" and then "find him" again as he moved his paw just enough to wink at me. Myles was always very expressive with his eyes as well as vocally and when he didn't want to listen, up went the paw as if to say "There you go prattling on about something again but I don't want to hear you right now so talk to the paw." When he required something, Myles made certain there was NO question he wanted something and he left little doubt as to exactly what that desire was. He would bark, of course, but most often he grumpled - not really a bark, not quite a growl - more like a little old man grumbling about something but always with a sweetness that made you immediately respond to whatever Myles thought he needed. It may be peanut butter cookies were desired, a pillow required fluffing or a belly rub had ended too soon but the grumpling would continue until he got what he wanted. If that didn't bring the desired result, he would sneak up and give a nudge to your elbow, never mind that cup of coffee in your hand. Myles wanted something "NOW" so there was no time to deal with a little spilled coffee. Besides, what did a little spilled coffee matter when one looked into those twinkling eyes? So much unconditional love, trust & devotion could always be found there.

Myles was always the brave one as we traveled this journey. He smiled through every procedure and appointment, demanded to go home just moments after surgery and when we were told we might have 6 months if we were lucky, Myles told cancer to "talk to the paw". He faced so many challenges in addition to cancer. So many times I could have lost him to something other than his disease but Myles refused to give in. My brave little warrior was determined that leaving would be on his terms. As his doctors told me many times, "Myles does not read the book" and so, instead of 6 months, Myles endured for two years and five days. Cancer may have taken him from all who loved this gentle spirit but it surely did not win... Myles made sure of that. Myles was always the center of the universe so everything always had to be on his terms. Somehow I doubt that has changed since his journey to Rainbow's Bridge. Every moment with Myles was such a precious gift and I have so many memories to cherish. His final gift was just moments before we said goodbye. I will never forget how he smiled, eyes twinkling, ears erect as his best buddy, Dr. Nick, walked alongside the cart Myles was riding on. Myles smiled at me as if he was having the time of his life. It was his way letting me know it was OK to say goodbye, his way of being strong and brave for me because he knew how very much I needed that.

Myles, my precious angel boy, my world is so very empty without you, my life so very full because of you and we will be together again one day but until then, just know that I love you with my whole heart, forever, for keeps.

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