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Kyser was 13 months old when we got him as "Free to a good home" in April 2000. His former family had not provided a good start in life for him: he was un-neutered, unsocialized, untrained, had behavorial problems, and had suffered verbal abuse along with some physical abuse. When they tired of him, they wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. They didn't really care who took him or what would happen to him in his life after he was gone.

When we got Kyser he was pretty out-of-control. He was afraid of almost everything: people, other dogs, any new situation and he was reacting badly to everything. We knew we had to start slow and try to make up for almost an entire year of his life that was lost - he had missed out on extremely important foundational social and training skills because of his poor first home. We all had a lot of work ahead of us. We had no idea how much progress we would be able to make in rehabilitating Kyser, but we had to try.

A month after we rescued Kyser, his sister Keekee came into rescue. She did not have any real issues and we were able to find her a loving home within a short period of time.

Rehabilitating any dog with problems requires a lot of effort, but we believe the majority of that effort comes from the dog's willingness to trust in people again. If Kyser was not willing to give us a chance to help him, we would not have succeeded. Kyser was smart and we soon learned he was willing to trust us. It took about 6 months of working with him before we started to see real progress. We rehabilitated him using positive training methods, a stable home environment, good care and love. It worked.

Kyser will be 5 years old April 3, 2004 and has lived with us for almost four years. Kyser is a different dog. He has completed numerous Good Manners obedience courses, agility courses from beginner to advanced workshops, (2) weekend tracking workshops and a Canine Good Citizenship course, where he earned his first title of CGC.

Kyser is no longer afraid of life, he is more confident in himself and he knows we will always be there to help him. He lives with Tasha and Jazzy (an older rescued Samoyed), Sugar, a young Whippet mix and he is best buddies with Player our Belgian Sheepdog and Smokey the 'Schmoo'.

In January of 2002 Kyser began to compete in novice agility, is doing well and always has fun. He now has (5) novice CPE titles.

It is often said that 'things happen for a reason' and for Kyser that changed his life. For the dog that no one wanted, Kyser is truly one-of-a-kind. He is safe and loved and happy ... and we would not trade him for anything in this world!

Kyser, CL3-F, CL2-S, CL2-H, CL1, CGC, OHK (One Happy Keesie!)

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