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Kyra came to me by way of Keeshond Rescue in the fall of 2000. She had spent close to three months in a Maine shelter after being picked up as a stray. One of my co-workers bailed her out of the shelter and volunteered to help get her to Connecticut, where she was to be a companion to someone with a young Keeshond. Well, my sweet old soul was beyond the age of wanting to horseplay with a youngster and the match was not a good fit.

When I was contacted and asked if I was interested, I hesitated at first because of her age. I had never adopted an older dog before, but I decided that I would at least go to meet her. Once I did, there was no turning back. Her past was a mystery, but whatever it held, she bore no grudges and bonded to me instantly. She patiently taught me how life with a senior Keeshond should be. She liked her dinner on time, and the room with a low window that she could look out of became 'her' room. She was always perfectly behaved in the house; if I were not in the same room with her, she would regularly come to check on me to make sure I was still close by. She was my little queen.

Kyra was probably about 8-10 years old when I adopted her. ­ She very arthritic and hard of hearing, but she loved our daily walks (at her pace!) through the woods. On more than one occasion she would stop and freeze with her nose buried in the leaves before suddenly pouncing and coming up with a mouse!

I always called Kyra 'my little old lady in a fur coat' and 'my gentle soul' as she was just one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known. One of my neighbors used to say that she looked like somebody that you would like to invite in to tea. And along with her gentleness, was a great inner strength. She always acted as though anyone we met would, of course, want to pet her, and no dog that we met, however big, ever fazed her. And she still had her moments when she would have a burst of energy and run with her 'pants on fire,' which would always make me laugh.

This spring (2004) my sweet old girl succumbed to health problems that we just could not overcome, and I had to make that so difficult decision to let her go on. My heart is still broken now, and there is a huge hole in my life, but there is also a gentle, yet strong, presence that is my Kyra's spirit, which will always be with me. She never gave up on life and enjoying the moment she was a teacher, as well as a friend. I know that she is waiting for me at the Bridge with my dogs, Jessie and Laika, and I know that my life is richer for having shared it with my little old lady Keeshond.

Sweet Kyra, forever loved and missed by her Mom Susan

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