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Keekee sitting pretty

About a month after Kyser came to us in April 2000, we were contacted by a couple looking to re-home a young female Keeshond. She was just about 14 months old (Kyser's age) and her name was Keekee.

When I went to evaluate Keekee, I noticed that she looked a lot like Kyser. Her owner told me that they had bought her from a (backyard) breeder in southern NH and her birthday was April, 3, 1999. This was the same background information we had on Kyser. I then asked her what she paid for Keekee and lo and behold it was the same exact price Kyser's former owners had paid for him. Keekee was Kyser's sister and littermate!

About the same time, we had been contacted by another family in NH, that had lost their older Keeshond several months before due to illness. When I mentioned that we had a young female Kee coming into rescue, they were delighted. After processing their application and home visit, we decided they were a great match for Keekee.

Keekee now lives in southern New Hampshire with her family, two children and another dog. She is doing well and we were able to have her as a house guest for two weeks in the summer of 2002. It was so interesting to see her and Kyser together. They had not seen each other since they were 8-weeks old, yet they shared many of the same personality traits (besides looking a lot alike).

Keekee continues to thrive with her family and she is a charming and delightful Keeshond, just like her brother Kyser!

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