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Kaiser (originally called Mouse) had a difficult start in life. He was turned into a shelter twice. The first time the landlord would not allow his owners to keep him and he was turned in. Then he was adopted out and brought back within 3 weeks because he was too active and too much to handle. In that short time, he had been totally shaved (something you never want to do to a Keeshond). Sadly, it was November 2002 and Mouse was only 1 yr old and homeless again.

Then Mouse's luck changed for the better! On Christmas Eve, while doing some last minute errands, his foster mom, her two Keeshonden and Mouse stopped at her work site. While visiting, a fellow employer fell in love with Mouse. She took him upstairs where her husband also worked and upon their return, asked what they needed to do to adopt him. The rest, as they say, is history!

Mouse was renamed Kaiser and on December 28, he went to live with his new family! Kaiser now ensures that his Dad (or Grumpy as he is known to his family :-) gets two walks in a day because he is a diabetic and needs the exercise while his Mom is a fair weather walker. Kaiser also ensures that everything is in its rightful place in the house, according to him anyway. With 6 adult children, living from Florida to Maine, Kaiser has proven to be the typical Keeshond; travels well in the car (has been to Florida and to Maine), fits in well with the adult children and their families during the visits, and plays ambassador for Keeshonden wherever he goes.

Kaiser happily resides with Mom Jane, and Dad Grumpy in Delaware where he is dearly loved by all.

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