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Following is a list of the dogs currently looking for their forever home. If you are interested in any of the dogs listed below, please click on the Contact link, located to the right of the comments about each dog, to submit a brief email about you and your family. If none of the dogs listed appear to be right for you and you are considering adopting a rescue Keeshond, please contact us by submitting a brief email about you and your family. Your email will be forwarded to a rescue member and you will be contacted within 5 days.

Please be patient. Keeshond rescue is an all volunteer organization and like yourself, we have families and jobs that we must attend to in addition to our rescue work.

Once you have been contacted by a rescue representative and have decided to pursue adopting a rescue dog, your representative will instruct you to submit an application. If your representative has their own adoption application , they will provide that form to you. Otherwise, your representative may ask you to submit an adoption application, using the Adoption Form you will find here .

Our goal is to make the best and most appropriate placement for each dog and for the adoptive family. Often families see a dog and read his / her biography and then get their heart set on adopting a particular dog. However, if the dog is already in the process of being placed, or is not the best match for a certain situation, please understand we have other wonderful dogs still looking for new homes. Your rescue representative will be more than happy to answer your questions and guide you through our adoption process.

Please remember dogs are highly sociable, pack-oriented, family members. They need to live indoors with the family and be a part of everyday family life. A commitment to adopting a dog means loving, living with and caring for a dog for it's entire life (most dogs live between 12-16 years).

Dogs For Adoption

There are no rescue dogs with information to list.

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