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  1. This Code of Ethics is established under the authority of the Board of Directors of the Keeshond Rescue of North America (hereafter called KRNA) and is intended to set forth guiding principles and minimum standards of practice to which the KRNA would have Keeshond Rescuers adhere. Each rescuer applying to be listed at the KRNA website directory must sign the KRNA Code of Ethics which will be held by the Secretary of KRNA.

  2. This Code of Ethics is set forth as a guideline to educate, advance, and protect the interests of re-homing and rehabilitating pure bred Keeshonden. It is presented as a guideline for Keeshond Rescue members to follow when proceeding with the care and placement of unwanted Keeshonden.


  1. I will perform rescue as a non-profit endeavor. My rescue work will be voluntary, not performed to profit any organization or individual (whether our group is an organization recognized by the state and/or federal government, or the work of one or more private individuals) and receive no personal compensation or large gifts for rescue work.

  2. I support KRNA's definition of Keeshond Rescue which is to facilitate the rescue and adoption of stray, abandoned, neglected, abused, and surrendered Keeshonden appearing to be of pure breed lineage displaying the physical and behavioral attributes of a Keeshond, and to place adoptable Keeshonden into permanent, loving homes.

  3. I will not intentionally misrepresent a fostered or rescued Keeshond's age, temperament, breeding, or any other pertinent information or facts in order to facilitate placement of said Keeshond.

  4. I will recommend, if asked, specific Keeshond Clubs and/or responsible breeders, to adopters desiring such information, and I support KRNA's definition of "responsible breeders" as defined by the Keeshond Club of America (hereafter called KCA) and the Canadian Kennel Club (hereafter called CKC).

  5. If I am a responsible breeder as defined by the KCA / CKC in addition to handling rescued Keeshonden, I will do so in accordance with the KCA / CKC Code of Ethics and I will not use my rescue activities as a bait-and-switch tactic to sell puppies I breed.

  6. I will not recommend under any circumstances, breeders who do not meet the definition of reputable breeder as defined in Point #4 to adopters desiring such information and will not promote any specific breeder, for profit breeding business or operation as a means for adopting of any breeder's unsold animals.

  7. I will not knowingly give or sell a Keeshond of any age into any harmful environment including but not limited to: any pet shop, catalogue house, laboratory, or any wholesale dealer in dogs, backyard breeder, or to any person who sells to pet shops, catalogue houses, laboratories, or wholesale dealers, dog fighting groups, puppy mills, nor will I in any way knowingly aid or abet the sale of any Keeshond through any of the above.

  8. I will train, rehabilitate, or otherwise treat rescued Keeshonden to bring them into adoptable condition, as necessary or appropriate in order to find them suitable adoptive homes.

  9. I will educate potential adopters about issues regarding the Keeshond breed. These issues include, but are not limited to, temperament, health, training and proper care of the breed as well as the operation and expectations of adoption process.

  10. I will provide follow-up advice and assistance to the adoptee to ensure the permanent welfare of the adopted Keeshond.

  11. I will provide appropriate medical care and training towards the goal of putting each dog in the best possible condition for a permanent adoption.

  12. I agree that all dogs entering rescue will not be made available for adoption until their mandatory veterinary exam is conducted.

  13. Prior to placement in a new home, all Keeshonden shall be subject to no less than a two-week period of temperament assessment and evaluation.

  14. I will strongly suggest or require new dog owners, and where appropriate for particular rescued Keeshonden, to enroll in a positive reinforcement dog training obedience class.

  15. I agree that no Keeshond coming into rescue will be abused in any way, subjected to cruel treatment, neglected physically or emotionally or subjected to any experiments of any kind or nature; will be attack or guard trained; nor will be used in any manner of dog fighting, including being used as bait for larger dogs.

  16. As a member involved in the rescue, placement and / or care of Keeshonden, I agree to either meet or exceed the standards as set forth in the Code of Ethics and I agree to conduct myself with honesty and openness, regardless of the location, circumstances or people involved.

  17. I will provide, if requested to do so, the following references to become a KRNA listed rescuer: veterinarian, 2 Keeshond rescue associates, and a KRNA member.

  18. I attest that neither I, nor members of my household, have ever been charged with violating the animal cruelty statutes of any local or state government, or have had their AKC and / or CKC privileges revoked.

  19. I attest that I abide by the dog laws (municipality / state or county) regarding licensing and leash laws, etc.

  20. I will not permit any rescue Keeshond to run at large at any time unless in an enclosed yard or dog park and is accompanied by myself.

  21. If a Keeshond comes into my care with AKC or CKC papers or microchip of a reputable breeder as defined in Ţ is discovered, I will make every reasonable attempt to contact the breeder regarding the return of the dog, and / or assistance in placing the dog.

Acquiring Keeshonden into Rescue

  1. I will temperament test each animal and exercise good judgment to assure the animal's suitability for placement prior to acceptance of said dog into Rescue (refer to Evaluating a Dog for Rescue) .

  2. All dogs entering a KRNA affiliated rescuer as an owner surrender will be accompanied by a surrender contract. The surrender contract should include: the dog's name, age, sex, physical condition and description, health and veterinary history, and reason the dog was surrendered. A brief summary of dog's habits is also needed. The surrender contracts should be signed and dated by surrendering owner as well as the rescue representative.

  3. All dogs entering from local animal shelters should be accompanied by formal paperwork indicating that the dog has been "officially" surrendered to the rescue.

Housing of Rescued Keeshonden

  1. I will house rescued Keeshonden in my care under sanitary conditions, which meet or exceed all minimum standards as defined by local health and sanitation authorities, as well as what is deemed appropriate in the good judgment of a humane and caring person.

  2. I will provide appropriate food, clean water and shelter. If utilizing an outdoor kennel, I will ensure that the Keeshonden are sheltered from the elements as required to prevent unnecessary or unjustifiable physical pain or suffering.

  3. I will pay attention to and care for the emotional needs of the Keeshonden I receive into Rescue and I will provide a secure, stable environment for the dogs and will interact one-on-one with them as much as possible in order to properly assess their temperament and special needs for placement.


  1. Any dog physically accepted into the rescue program MUST receive an examination by a licensed veterinarian within ten days. All veterinary care provided must be documented by the attending veterinarian (invoice statements, diagnosis and billing records), stated but not limited to the following: rabies status, distemper status, heartworm status, spay / neuter verification and any other issues discussed or diagnosed. A copy of all veterinarian care provided and current health status will be disclosed to the new adoptive family.

  2. In the event of serious illness or injury, any dog brought into rescue will be given prompt emergency veterinary care and the individual rescuer has the option to treat expensive illnesses, catastrophic injuries or provide humane euthanasia.


  1. I agree to require sterilization for all rescue animals prior to placement.

  2. I agree that if a dog is ill or requires treatment for heartworms or other condition prior to sterilization, he or she will be sterilized after their recuperation period at which time placement may take place.

Evaluation / Temperament of Fostered Dogs

Refer to Evaluating a Dog for Rescue for more information on this subject.

  1. I will temperament test each animal and exercise good judgment to assure the animal's suitability for placement.

  2. I will not knowingly place a vicious or otherwise seriously temperamentally unsound dog in an adoptive home.

  3. Temperament evaluation should include determining if the dog shows signs of aggression to people, as well as other dogs. If the dog shows any signs of aggression to people, it should be excluded from the adoption program. If deemed necessary, the dog should be humanely euthanized.

  4. I will ensure that rescue dogs deemed unadoptable for reasons of health, temperament, or any other reason will be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian, or certified euthanasia technician and properly disposed of.

  5. I understand and agree that not every dog can be rehabilitated, or will be deemed adoptable due to health or temperament reasons. I further concur that in cases of incurable cancer, injuries so severe or pain so intense that the dog cannot have a good quality of life, or due to temperament / behavioral problems, euthanasia may be the most humane service we can provide.

  6. I will not place a dog that is physically unsafe to humans in temperament or behavior. This includes dogs with diagnosed psychosis or that are known to be habitual fear biters. This does not necessarily include dogs that are home and family protective, and each dog will be assessed on a case by case basis, and professional evaluation sought if necessary at the discretion of the foster caregiver. Under no circumstances will a dog be brought into rescue or placed in an adoptive home that has a known history of biting. All dogs brought into rescue should exhibit the normal range of bite inhibition.

Adoption Process / Procedures

  1. I will thoroughly interview potential adopters utilizing the following methods: written application, phone interview, home visit, face-to-face interview when possible, vet reference check. The goal is to place all rescue animals in homes that are breed appropriate and specifically appropriate to each individual animal.

  2. I will ensure that adoptors obtain landlord approval for those who rent or lease their residence.

  3. I will require that adopters be at least 18 years of age.

  4. I will utilize an adoption application that requires veterinary and personal references. I will also perform or arrange a home visit with the applicants by an experienced rescue volunteer prior to adoption.

  5. I will not place dogs in homes that are believed to be unsuitable or incompatible to that particular rescue dog. For example, dogs that are known to be or are found to be in foster care, predatory or aggressive towards cats or small animals, will not be placed in homes with cats or small animals. Dogs that are known to be nervous or display nervous tendencies around children will not be placed in homes with children. These are examples and all dogs will be assessed on an individual basis and adopted into the best matched home for them and keeping their welfare at heart, each dog will only be placed in the safest possible environment for them, matching each dog to their new home, environment and adoptive family according to their history and needs.

  6. I will keep records of each Keeshond adopted or fostered. This will include rabies tag number, microchip, or tattoo identification in case dog is found at large, medical information, release to rescue or shelter paperwork, application to adopt, reference checks, notes and Placement Contract.


  1. I will utilize a written adoption contract which discloses the following: gender, verification of spay / neuter status, color, distinguishing characteristics, age, vaccinations, heartworm test, health care provided and any known health problems or other on-going medical problems that the adopter agrees to continue treating.

  2. I will always accept the return of a dog that has been adopted from me. If I am unable to take the Keeshond back immediately, I will make appropriate arrangements to remove and bring into rescue the Keeshond.

  3. I will ensure that all family members are in agreement before adoption.

  4. I will conduct periodic follow-up checks with the new adopters to ease adjustment problems the dog may incur. I will endeavor to help the new owner in every reasonable way.

  5. I will not place a dog or cause a dog to be adopted as an outside or kennel dog. All dogs will be adopted as indoor companions, or at the very least allowed to sleep indoors and spend reasonable time indoors interacting with the family and enjoying normal activities.

Inter-Organizational / Inter-personal Relations

  1. I will conduct myself with honesty and openness, regardless of the location, circumstances or people involved and I will work together and cooperate with others in a professional manner, with our common goal of helping the welfare of the rescue Keeshonden.

  2. I will endeavor to place the dog within the local area. If it is necessary to place a dog outside the local area, I will contact and coordinate with the local group or individual in the intended placement area. The rescue group / individuals will cooperate with each other in the placement and follow-up of said Keeshonden.

Grievance / Violations

I understand that the KRNA is not a policing agency. However, if the KRNA Board receives complaints about me I understand that these complaints must be responded to. The KRNA Board may designate one or more Board members or others to investigate the complaint. If the Board determines that I violated or did not abide by the COE, I will be removed permanently from the KRNA as a rescue contact and any and all association with the KRNA will cease. I further understand that there is no appeal process and the decision of the KRNA is final.

By placing my signature below, I understand and agree to abide by and uphold the terms and conditions of the Keeshond Rescue of North America Code of Ethics. If I fail to do so, I understand and accept the Grievance / Violation procedure.

Printed Name: _________________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________________

Club or Group Affiliation, if any: ___________________________________________

Street Address: _______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________

Home Phone: __________________________________________________________

Work Phone: __________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________

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