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Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our beloved Keeshonden!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2004 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Augie   ·   Kyser   ·   Smokey   ·   Susie   ·   Stuffy

"Van Floriks Friendly Ghost"
Owner / Trainer / Handler: Amy Haskell
Breeder: Flo Bastuba, Van Florik Keeshonden

April 11, 2004, was a busy day for Keeshonden making their agility debuts. Augie had a grand time at his first CPE trials in Vermont! At age 2, he qualified 5 out of 7 events, taking first or second place in the 16" division. Augie and his Mom had a blast as they burned up the courses. When Augie is on course he is a 'dog on a mission'. They are looking forward to their next agility event later this summer.

September - Augie has now earned several agility titles. He has his AKC Novice Jumpers title NAJ and his CPE CL1-R and CL1-F titles!

November - Augie earned his AKC Novice Agility title! He and his Mom Amy had a clean run and a lot of fun. They are now competing at the Open level and are sure to have lots of success in 2005!

Way to go Augie & Amy!

Augie on the run!
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"SamBelKee's Footloose & Fancy Free"
Owner / Trainer / Handler: Terry Kelley
Rescued April 2000

You can read all about Kyser's background as a rescued dog on our Rescue Album pages. But here you can read about his latest successes in life with his new family!

Kyser has been competing in agility for 2 1/2 years and recently received his CPE Level 3 Fun Title and his Level 2 Handler & Strategy Titles. Kyser will be starting to train for Rally-O competition in the fall of 2004 and in honor of that new adventure, he has been registered with a name that fits his fun loving personality ... SamBelKee's Footloose & Fancy Free!

Since he was rescued back in April 2000, he has completed numerous Good Manners obedience courses, agility courses from beginner to advanced, as well as several advanced workshops, (2) weekend tracking workshops and a Canine Good Citizenship course, where he earned his first title of CGC.

In his spare time, Kyser volunteers as the 'demo' dog for his Mom's Good Manners classes. With his bubbly personality, he shows new dog owners just how smart rescued dogs are! He enjoys mooching food, riding his skateboard, playing in the yard and snuggling with his Mom & Dad at night in their bed.

Kyser, CL3-F, CL2-H, CL2-S, CL1, CGC

Flying Kyser!
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"SamBelKee's Smoke on the Water"
Owner / Trainer / Handler: Terry Kelley
Rescued January 2001

You can read all about Smokey's background as a rescued dog on our Rescue Album pages. But here you can read about his latest successes in life with his new family!

The little 'Schmoo' as he is affectionately called has completed several Good Manners classes, as well as numerous classes in agility, Rally-O, CGC/tdI and tracking. He enjoys his classes, but has a natural talent and preference for tracking. Smokey also volunteers his time doing home visits for rescue and acting as a 'good will' ambassador for his breed.

In his spare time, Smokey likes to counter-surf for snacks, ride in the car, play chase with the other dogs in the yard and sleep on all of his Mom's pillows at bedtime.

Smokey will continue to work on his tracking skills, and he is hoping to start Rally-O competition in 2005. Like his rescued 'brother' Kyser, he has been registered with a name that fits his mischievous and comical personality ... SamBelKee's Smoke on the Water!

Smokey, CGC, TDI

Cutie Smokey!
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Rescued March 2004, Maryland

You can read all about Susie's background as a rescued dog on our Rescue Album pages.

Rescued in March 2004 and adopted by her new family in April 2004, Susie's new family enrolled her in obedience class (as this was a requirement of the adoption contract) at the beginning of June. First reports were Susie was "so much fun and very smart" and "she was wonderful." In a class of six the instructors "loved" her and liked using her to demonstrate because she was so focused and eager to please.

Susie completed the basic obedience class and got her diploma! Susie knows many behaviors such as: sit, come, stay, down, shake hands and sit pretty (sits up and beg), treat (that's a given) and JUMP. She would jump through the hula hoop at the command Jump! So ... needless to say Susie had been signed up for Agility and started classes in August!

The first class Susie jumped on the dog walk before getting started and loved jumping through the tire. Susie really understands what she's suppose to do; she can do multiple obstacles and loves the teeter-totter, dog-walk and chute. We'll be seeing Susie soon in agility!


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"Stuffy Slater"
"BearKees Stocking Stuffer"
Owner: Paul & Miriam Slater
Trainer: Paul Slater
Handler: Amy Haskell

On April 11, 2004, Stuffy Slater took first place with a qualifying round in his debut Standard event, at the CPE trials in Vermont! At age 6, this was Stuffy's first competition and he performed like a true champion. His Dad Paul has been training Stuffy in agility and decided to let Stuffy have some fun!

Stuffy was expertly handled by Amy Haskell and they took first place over several other 16" dogs, all of whom were younger than Stuffy! He had a clean round with no faults and was well under standard course time. Stuffy was focused and flew over the obstacles.

Congratulations to Stuffy, Paul & Amy for their outstanding debut performance!

Stuffy, Paul and Amy! Stuffy's Q Ribbon!

On July 17, 2004, Stuffy Slater won his first CPE Title ribbon! Stuffy got his Q in Standard Level 1 for his CL1-R Title!

At this 2-day Vermont event, Stuffy Q'd twice in Standard, taking 2nd place, as well as getting a 3rd place in his Wildcard event (handlers Terry Kelley & Mark Pilant). Stuffy is a delightful Keeshond to work with. He enjoyed his weekend, his first time swimming and his meatball rewards !

Stuffy is now "BearKees Stocking Stuffer CL1-R, CGC"!

Congratulations to Stuffy, Paul, Amy, Mark & Terry for their combined team work in this achievement!

Stuffy with his CPE CL1-R Standard Title Ribbon! Stuffy and Paul

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